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Danish Cultural Institute works within the fields of art, culture and society. Learn more about our long-term projects and corporations worldwide.

Danish Input | Centenary Celebration

Denmark celebrates the remarkable 100th anniversary of Estonia's, Latvia’s and Lithuania’s independence jointly with a number of initiatives – events for 2018 as well as long-term actions.

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Travelling Democracy Lab

The pandemic has shown that fake news and propaganda can cause serious damage. “The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a wave of misinformation, raising questions how to educate the public and how to help distinguish true from false information.

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Creative Ports

Creative Ports aims to improve and encourage collaboration between the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) actors of the participating countries and to further develop strategies and processes around internationalisation

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Voices of Violence

Voices of Violence is a project about gendered violence. The project will take place in the fall 2021 at international film festivals.

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Lit. List

The Baltic countries has great traditions for powerful and amazing literature. Here you can find a list of inspiring and fascinating  writers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Sound Art

Sound art is a branch of contemporary art that is both visual and auditory. This hybrid art form opens up for collaboration on many levels and is interesting to explore – particularly from a Latvian-Danish bilateral point of view.

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