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Partnerships and Collaborations

Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania each year works with many different partners and enters very diverse collaborations across different fields of work, sectors, and genres. We enter projects on different levels both as lead partner, partner, support with funds or take on smaller logistic tasks. 


We are open to different forms of partnerships and collaborations.  We focus on projects promoting equality, democracy, active citizenship and sustainability. We do partnerships that are both short- and long-term. We work with a broad sense of culture and are open to partnerships of great variations. 


We primarily support projects that take place within the Baltic Region, but we are always interested in hearing your proposal if you think your project would be relevant to us.  


Additionally, we support projects that promote Danish culture, art, and expertise internationally as well as cultural projects from the Baltics that wish to have a Danish contribution or travel to Denmark.  


So please fill out the following contact form if you have a cultural project you think is relevant for us: Contact form for cultural projects


Please get in touch with us here:


Also please reach out if you have any additional questions or requests!