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How we work

Culture makes the future

We believe that art and culture are among the most important assets to obtain connections and mutual understanding across borders.

Together with partners, we develop international activities that challenge boundaries and create mutual value and inspiration. Especially when it comes to equal rights, education, sustainable development, democracy and active citizenship.

Our vision is to show that the exchange of art, culture and knowledge can contribute to handling global challenges and strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals as stated by the UN.


Cultural Projects

The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania is annually involved in many different cultural projects. We engaged in projects on all levels both as lead partner, partner and support projects with funding.

We work with a very broad sense of culture and are involved in projects of great variations. Check out our projects here and our events/news here to stay updated on our recent work.

Interested in a future partnership or cooperation? Please get in touch with us here!


EU Projects

We are also engaged in several broad EU-funded projects across the Region. The projects focus on important topics such as cultural development, active citizenship, local democracy and urban planning. You can read more about the EU-funded projects “EU4Culture” and “Commons and Communities” here and here.



We are also a part of The New Democracy Fund that was established in 2o20 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark. The fund supports new and existing civil society partnerships in regard to strengthening democratic development in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries.

The fund is built on dialogue, co-operation, and aims to create new and strengthen the existing relations between civil society organisations in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries and Denmark.

You can read more about the New Democracy Fund here


Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing institution. Since 1940 we have been engaged in creating mutual understanding between people.