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The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has a strong tradition of hiring interns, with all sorts of educational backgrounds. As an intern you will be working full time, 37 hours a week at our office in Riga, but the work of the institute concerns all 3 Baltic countries.


The internships normally run from primo February and till ultimo July in the spring semester, and primo August till ultimo January for the fall semester. Intern positions will normally be posted here on our website around September and February, so stay tuned if this your interested in working with us!


The institute in Riga is a small but very active office with 10 employees, where you as an intern will become an important part our daily work. We expect a high level of English skills and abilities in either Danish or one of the Baltic languages. Your daily work will take place here in Riga, but most often work trips to other Baltic cities will occur during the semester.


As an intern you will be introduced to a wide range of tasks: everything from administrative tasks, to SoMe, PR, updates on our websites to development of projects and preparing programs for study trips. You will also have the possibility to contribute and influence our ongoing projects and depending on the workload of the season, the opportunity of developing your own project. This involves some practical tasks in order to execute events and other happenings around the Baltics.


At the Danish Cultural Institute, we work with a wide understanding of the term “culture”. It varies to everything from film festivals, art exhibitions, concerts but also more political projects as media development, democratic projects, urban planning, gender equality and so forth. For example, we’re leading a consortium of partners at New Democracy Fund with the purpose of advancing democracy, cultural exchange, and human rights within the eastern partner countries.


Riga is a very cozy city with easy access to everything you need – and for a cheaper price than western Europe. It’s easy to build an international network due to the many embassies which also hire interns every semester and the city offers a lot of cool venues and events to explore. As an intern at the Danish Cultural Institute, you also get the privilege of being invited to a lot of exiting events, exhibitions, concerts etc. You are responsible for finding a place to live, but we will of course help with suggestions and other practicalities and Riga is in general an easy place to find an apartment also for foreigners.


During the internships we will of course respect if you have any obligations like visits or exams.


If you have any questions about the position you can either write our interns at and or our regional director Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha at