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THEME | 2021

Voices of Violence

A Danish- Baltic Project on Gendered Violence

In 2021, the Danish Cultural Institute will launch Voices of Violence, a project on violence and sexism perpetuated against women. Voices of Violence will focus on the importance of spaces and platforms where women can voice their stories and experiences. The project will connect generally with the insights and perspectives generated by the #metoo movement which has continued to gain in importance since 2017.


The main part of the project will be the development of a video exhibition on experiences of sexism and sexual violence created by the Danish production company Meta Film. The exhibition will be expanded with anonymous stories from Belarussian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Icelandic and Danish women.


The exhibition will be shown in connection with the film festivals in Northern Light (Belarus), Scanorama (Lithuania), POFF, (Estonia) and in Latvia. Each exhibition will start with a public live event, where there will be participation from  local and Nordic authors and activists to read their works and discuss the interplay between art, female perspectives and women’s role in society with local artists from Baltic and Belarusian feminist associations and other cultural actors.