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01 · 12 · 2016

Strengthening Media in the Baltics – Digital Media, Constructive Journalism and reinforcing the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence

During the latest weeks, Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME) organized three events on media business- and developing models, organizational strategies for media platforms and constructive journalism with Danish involvement.


The first event took place on the 25th of November and was a workshop on identification and development of income strategies for smaller digital media platforms. The seminar was conducted by Mette Rosendahl, head of the strategic and development department at the digital media portal Altinget. The workshops were organized by BCME and supported and co-organized by the Embassy of Denmark in Riga with The Danish Cultural Institute.


The second seminar was also on the 25th of November with the board of BCME and led by Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, president of the European Federation of Journalists. The goal of this seminar was to develop the organization of BCME by identifying the future strategy as well as the further steps for the organization. This seminar was organized by BCME with support from the the Danish Cultural Institute.


The latest seminar on 28th to 29th of November, conducted by Casper Walbum Høst – the national editor at the Danish Broadcasting channel Danmarks Radio, was aimed at constructive journalism. The seminar was dedicated Latvian and Russian speaking journalist from Latvijas Radio on how to implement constructive journalism in practice. The seminar was organized by BCME in continuation of three workshops on the same topic that were arranged in February 2016 in collaboration with the Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Denmark in Riga.


The three workshops were very successful and had a considerable impact on the ongoing discourse on the importance of an independent, non-biased and constructive journalism. The activities are all part of an effort of the Danish Cultural Institute and the Danish Embassy to strengthen independent media in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.