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09 · 10 · 2021

Rolling Angels in Kaunas

As a part of the Kaunas 2022 CityTelling Festival the Rolling Angels came to Kaunas, Lithuania. Here they participated in a contemporary circus performance on arrival.
The Rolling Angels, which are human-sized sculptures of angels, is an art project created by Danish artist Benthe Marit Norheim and is party sponsored by DCI
The Rolling Angels at the opening of Kaunas CityTelling Festival.
The angel symbol today invites us to rethink the complex interrelationships in an increasingly opposing society. These angels are a promise of unity and reconciliation. A reminder to us that we too can be real angels for each other
Daiva Citvarienė, the curator of the Kaunas 2022 Memory Office program.
The Angels opened the Kaunas CityTelling Festival, where they was a part of two performances.
One of them was at the opening day of the festival (7th of October).
This happened on the main street in Kaunas Laisvės alvenue. On the 9th of October they was be part of the performance in Linksmakalnis.



Here you can see more pictures and read an interesting interview with the artist Marit Benthe Norheim regarding her thought process and ide behind the angels