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21 · 03 · 2018

Esbjerg Youth Orchestra Latvian Tour

Esbjerg Youth Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1982 by Poul La Cour, who has been the conductor for orchestra since the beginning.

At the moment they are touring Latvia with a slightly latvian repertoire and besides weekly rehearsals there are of course concerts, participation in festivals, exchange and the like.

Through the years, the orchestra has given a number of concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Russia and Latvia.


The total programme for their concerts will be:

Carl Nielsen: Festmarch from Aladin

Danish composer 1865-1931


Johannes Brahms: Hungarian dance nr. 1 og 6,

German composer 1833-1897


George Bizet: Symfoni nr. 1, 1. Sats

Frensh composer 1838-1875


Jacob Gade: Tango Jalousie

Danish composer 1879-1963


HC Lumbye: Britta Polka

Danish compolser 1810-1874


J.F. Frøhlich: Riberhusmarch

Danish composer 1806-1860


HC Lumbye: Jernbane damp galop

HC Lumbye: Champagne galop


The orchestra will play on the following dates:

22.03 Jūrmala ņ

23.03 Dobele

24.03 Bauska

26.03 Riga

All the concerts are free to attend! You can see where the orchestra will play here.


We hope to see you all around Latvia!