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13 · 08 · 2020

Danish-Ukrainian Youth House

On the 11th of August 2020, the Danish Cultural Institute kicked off an upcoming Danish-Ukrainian Youth House which is opening in Kyiv, Ukraine in the first half of 2021. The project is a collaboration between DUF – the Danish Youth Council and DCI – The Danish Cultural Institute.

Ukraine is currently going through comprehensive reform processes aiming to strengthen democracy, promote human rights and create sustainable growth. In this context, youths play a significant role. The aim of the project is to create a house driven for and by Ukrainian and Danish youths which will lead to the strengthening of young people’s rights and democratic participation. In addition to this, the project aims at connecting the youths in the two countries and creating long-standing contacts and cultural collaboration between them.

The users of the youth house will belong to established youth organisations and artists, activists or just youths who are interested in having an impact on the house. Wide parts of the political spectrum will be represented and youths outside of Kyiv will be able to participate.


Furthermore, the Ukrainian and Danish youths will develop and participate in various activities together. A great number of the activities will focus on cultural aspects such as film and theatre projects centring around topics like anti-violence and anti-corruption.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod, attended the kick-off event and in his speech, he emphasised the importance of exchanges and meetings across national borders.


Jeppe Kofod has also stated that Denmark wishes to support Ukraine in obtaining a free, democratic and peaceful future and has underlined the importance of the involvement of youths in achieving this. The youth house will be an important step in the development of democracy, young people’s rights and cultural cooperation in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has granted the project DKK 18 million, and the Danish Cultural Institute is very happy to be able to take part in the project, and the Director of the Danish Cultural Institute, Camilla Mordhorst, states, that the Danish Cultural Institute first and foremost work to create dialogue across different cultures and that these encounters are crucial for creating a sustainable future.