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28 · 08 · 2017

Danish Film Days

The Danish Films Days have successfully highlighted Danish movies in the weekend and they have been well received by the many people attending to festival. The movie “minor mishaps” was shown during the opening day of the festival and the film director Annette Olesen talked about the special improvisation style of the movie as well as how it is to be a female director. During the second day, people had the opportunity to discuss women trafficking with Iluta Lāce from the MARTA organization and the film director, after seeing the movie “little soldier” – about the destiny of a vulnerable women. The last day, people attended to watch the series “The Kingdom” from Lars von Trier and ended with a well deserved glass of champagne. Thanks to all the people participating in the festival and for making it a successful and entertaining weekend.
We would also like to thank our partners, Splendid Palace, Kanapes Kulturas Centrs, Danish Film Institute, and Unibrew for the help to organize the festival.