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21 · 05 · 2019

Creative Industries

Creative Industries and entrepreneurship continue to be key areas of cooperation between Latvia and Denmark. The Danish Crown Prince Frederik opened this chapter during his visit in December 2018 at a conference on Creative Industries, organized together with LIAA and Latvian Ministry of Culture. In May we followed up with two important events:


On 16 May, we had a discussion among a Danish-Latvian panel: Ida Rehnström (FSC Denmark), Michael Eidrup (Kvist Industries), Kristaps Klauss (Executive Director, Latvian Wood Industry) and Ervins Pastors (Ass. Prof., Art Academy of Latvia). The aim of the discussion was to raise knowledge and awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals as part of design and manufacturing processes and sustainable forestry in a Nordic and Baltic context. There was a presentation of the winners of the FSC Design Award 2018. The winning duo, Emma Bukhave and Anna Ohmsen, presented their design lamp “Frames” and share thoughts on the design process and sustainability as well as experiences in Latvia and with their visit to Kvist’s factory in Latvia.


17 May was the day of the final in the Creative Business Cup. We sincerely congratulate Babbit on the great honour to present Latvia in the global final in Copenhagen in July! Babbit is a sound system that is meant to last in families and can be used independently no matter the age. High quality sound, sustainable design and innovative management functionality are the product values.

Amongst the jury was our director Simon Drewsen Holmberg and Danish expert – Head of Digital at Lifestyle and Design Cluster – Heidi Svane Pedersen. Heidi also hosted two workshops within the conference uz:RUNA with participants of the Creative Business Cup, where she talked about selling, pitching and entrepreneurship – with a clear Danish angle.


Later on in September, a return visit to Denmark takes place when representatives of creative industries come to Aarhus.


Pictures are of the winners of the FSC Design Award 2018: Emma Bukhave and Anna Ohmsen – and their lamp “Frames”