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28 · 08 · 2017

Creative minds celebrated in Latvia

Anatomy Next’s ground-breaking simulation software for surgeons will represent Latvia in the Creative Business Cup final in Copenhagen

The Danish Cultural Institute in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania was for the fifth time part of the Latvian contribution to Danish initiated Creative Business Cup. This year’s winner, Anatomy Next, has created a software that provides a solution for medical students to study and interact with anatomical systems in life-like experiences, examine the human body layer by layer, system by system, and simulate operative procedures. This advanced software would therefore help them to better practice the future operations. The founder Sandis Kondrats has creatively used his sculptor background to develop the system. Second place went to Be-with, which is a specially designed clothing line for hugs and touches that would help release the trust and bonding hormones.

The range of creative ideas was overwhelming at the competition. From censors that analyses your sports movements to crinkly plates that will change your eating habits. The attention on the competition has increased rapidly from 14 applications last year compared to the 33 applicants this year, which made it harder for the judges to choose among the many innovative applications.

The judges, who were a combination of established entrepreneurs, Rasmus Tscherning CEO of Creative Business Cup, the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Latvian Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, had to choose 20 applicants for the semifinal on the 16th of August. The chosen participants had to make a 3 minutes pitch about their product or idea to the judges and audience, whereas five of them would be chosen to the Latvian final during the iNOVUSS” festival on the 26th of August. Many of the semifinalists were nervous and eager within the short time they had to speak in front of the audience and judges. It was a real test on their ability to sell an idea from the early phase of a product. The exciting moment came when five start-ups were called to the stage to get flowers and the diploma for being chosen to final. Even though the rest were unfortunate to not go further, they still gained a fruitful network with other start-ups by participating in the competition, leaving them with more motivation to develop their business ideas.

From two days of masterclass to the final:

The art of making a good presentation is important for selling an idea why two days of ”masterclasses” was arranged by the Danish Cultural institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for all participants. The coach for the two days, Kenneth Agerholm, has through the last 12 years made workshops, conferences and innovation tasks for companies and organizations. He taught them about presentation technics and how to use their own personal stories to sell their business idea. The masterclass made them therefore more ready for the battlefield on the final. When the time finally came to the final, the participants had clearly used the masterclass to improve their presentation skills and to better connect with the audience. The founder of the competition Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, attended as one of the judges and he was quite impressed with the Latvian contribution to the competition.

The creative class as a factor for economic growth:

The creative industries have become increasingly important to economic well-being, proponents signifying that “human creativity is the ultimate economic resource”. The term “Creative Class” is a well-known from the American economist and social scientist Richard Florida. According to Richard, the creative class are a key driving force for economic and business development. Their primary job is to think and create new approaches to the problems society face why creativity is becoming more valued in today’s global society. The Creative Business Cup highlights with the competition, many creative people’s ideas and supports their work for innovation.

Renewed focus on the creative industry:

Creative Business Cup is therefore much more than a competition. It’s an initiative that empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industry. The focus on the creative industry is important according to the CEO and founder Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning.

He emphasizes that its more difficult for startups from the creative industry than other kinds of start-ups to raise capital. It’s harder for them to explain their creative ideas and their immaterial symbolic values. Therefore, he thinks that it’s really important to connect them to investors and teach investors to understand the great opportunity that they can find from this industry:

“They can come up with the solutions that the society is looking for”. (Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning)

That is also the case with the winner Anatomy Next. Hopefully the 3D simulation software will save more lives. But winning the Latvian final is just the first step. The biggest challenge comes on the 16th of November in Copenhagen were over 100 participating startups from all over the world will attend the final. Creative ideas are indeed growing on a global scale.