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04 · 01 · 2017

Baltic Frames 2017 – Capturing the Poetic Everyday: Baltic and Ukrainian Documentary today reflecting the worrying events in the region

Seminar: Baltic and Ukrainian Documentary Today – Reflecting the Worrying Events in the Region


Baltic Frames invites people who are interested in film, the history and current political situation in the Baltic countries and Ukraine, to meet three prominent filmmakers: the Latvian producer Uldis Cekulis, the Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk and his colleague from Lithuania Audrius Stonys. The trio has won several awards internationally for their works.


Baltic Frames 2017 festival at Øst for Paradis cinema show their films from January 13 – 16.


The seminar will take place on Sunday 15 January, 11:00-13:00 at Dokk1, Lille Sal


Baltic Documentary tradition has since Soviet times been characterized as poetic with an emphasis on the visual side in contrast to the more TV journalistic documentary, we know in the West. Is it still so or is the more prosaic journalistic style “creeping” in?  Baltic Frames this year shows reflections on religion, a wonderful portrait of a villages way of coping with the breakdown of public order and advent of the war in Ukraine, to the stories of KGB, and Kairish’s strong feature on Siberia and finally the Estonian musings on the value of old news. In a part of the world, which is burning or on the brink is this really, what filmmakers should be telling?


The seminar will address the topic through discussions on the history, cultural background, and cinematographic heritage of Estonia, Latvia Lithuania and Ukraine. Is this sometimes indirect way of telling the story still the preferred and strongest way or is the need to tell readily accessible stories overtaking, and if yes it this a good thing?  Different cinematographic methods will be discussed e.g. the aesthetic approach to the documentary genre and the future challenges documentarists are facing in the digital era. You will get the chance to meet a range of film makers such as the Ukrainian director, Roman Bondarchuk (“Ukrainian Sheriffs”), the Latvian producer Uldis Cekulis (“Ukrainian Sheriffs”) and the Lithuanian director, Audrius Stonys (“Gates of the Lamb”) in a conversation with Danish documentary film-expert Tue Steen Müller.


The seminar is public and everybody is welcome to participate, get acquainted with and discuss the fascinating Baltic and Ukrainian film universe.


The Baltic Frames seminar is organized by the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in cooperation with Dokk1. The event is supported by the Danish Film Institute, the Estonian Film Institute, the Lithuanian Film Centre, the National Film Centre of Latvia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Latvia.