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03 · 10 · 2022

Kaunas: Workshop and travelling exhibiton “The Fake ≠ Fact Info Lab”

⚡️ Would you like to refresh your skills in ✅ validating media sources, and ✅ learning to successfully distinguish fact from misinformation?

🙌 Welcome to the WORKSHOP and the opening of exhibition “Fake ≠ Fact Info Lab”.

When: October 3, 2022

👉🏻 The event will be held in English.
👉🏻 Speakers:
✅ Journalist and media expert Leif Lønsmann (Nordic Journalism Center, Denmark,

✅ Donara Barojan from the Latvian NGO Polltix, also active in Estonia & Lithuania, that works with tackling the declining trust in democracies and decreasing rates of civic participation.

The event will be focused on the media landscape in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as fake news and mis-/disinformation especially in relation to political agendas and COVID-19.

The exhibition “Fake ≠ Fact Info Lab” on the other hand is based on the materials from Swedish Museum of Work, which in turn originates from material by the Swedish Media Council. The Travelling Democracy Lab was first produced in 2018 and has toured throughout Sweden with the aim to strengthen the ability of students and young adults to independently assess the credibility and ideological starting point of various sources.

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